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Total value awarded to date:

Q1 - March - 2022
In Quarter 1 of 2022 (March), we were able to help a Disabled Veteran and Spouse in our local community.

For this award, we teamed up with Habitat for Humanity to provide home repairs for an elderly Navy Veteran and his wife (both of whom are disabled, he uses a wheelchair for mobility).

A review by Habitat for Humanity determined their home is in need of a new roof, new subfloor and flooring in the kitchen, laundry room, and both bathrooms, extermination services for rodents and insects, new front and rear porch ramps and railings, replacement broken and drafty exterior doors, new insulation, and many other smaller repairs. In addition to the repairs, HfH is providing a PODS rental for their personal property during the renovation as well as temporary accommodations for a family of four with 2 dogs.

The total cost for the repairs is estimated at $30,000.

NCCVMA 15-1 Outreach has donated $1,200.00 towards this total with these funds being specifically designated as going towards this project. NCCVMA 15-1 will also be providing labor and support throughout the project until the home is made complete and safe for this Veteran Family.
Q4 - December - 2021
In Quarter 4 of 2021 (December), we were able to help two Veterans in the Sandhills area.

(for more information on each Veteran and their specific needs, click on the Veteran below)

Veteran 1: We were able to pay for the replacement of a glass door at a cost of $150.92. This was accomplished almost immediately after approval.  We also provided a gift card in the amount of $400.00 to provide groceries to make heathy meals following a heart-attack and mild stroke.

Veteran 2: We provided a $500.00 gift card for Walmart for the purchase of badly needed hygiene items and fuel for the Veteran and Family. We were also able to provide $75.00 for white elephant gifts for the Veteran, his wife, and their 17 son. The Veteran and his family was able to attend the December Chapter meeting to be recognized and were also invited to attend the Christmas Party where he and his family will be awarded the White Elephant gifts to participate.

Both Veterans also received Woodpecker game tickets courtesy of the Fayetteville Woodpeckers.
Q2 - June - 2022
In Quarter 2 of 2022 (June), we awarded a Disabled Navy Veteran with quality-of-life items on 5 June.

This Veteran is living in a shed that has been converted into a living space and paying rent of $500.00 per month. The Veteran cannot sleep lying flat so we were donated a hospital bed from Rebel Goat Farms which was delivered and installed.  We are also awarding the Veteran a Hot/Cold Water dispenser and a one-year service for water delivery. He currently uses bottles to fill water from the gym as his well water is not potable. We purchased a sheet set for the bed, a pillow and a comforter and he will receive game tickets from the Fayetteville Woodpeckers.
Q3 - September - 2022
In Quarter 3 of 2022 (September), we were able to support the quality-of-life improvement for a Veteran in the Fayetteville area. 

In support of this veteran we: Replaced/upgraded a back door for his dog to have access to back yard without the door being propped open (Doggie door installed). Funded a cleaning service to provide a cleaning day.  Had a chapter work day (September 25th) where we completed lawn servicing, trimmed hedges, cleaned up sidewalk overgrowth, repaired a garage door (electrical), repaired a side fence access double-door, cleaned up and reset a shrub-garden ring in front of his house, replaced batteries in his smoke/carbon monoxide detectors, and sealed-repaired a crack in the back patio wall. Additionally, we funded a plumber to complete some bathroom repairs.  The Veteran was also presented with Woodpeckers game tickets courtesy of our partner the Fayetteville Woodpeckers baseball team.
Q4 - December - 2022
In Quarter 4 of 2022 (December), we were able to support quality-of-life improvements for two Veterans in the Fayetteville area.
Our first Veteran is a single Mom (boy aged 6), who has fallen on hard times. The Outreach provided a couple of space heaters as her AC/Heat unit is in need several major repairs/replacements. A couple of our members are going to further assess to determine if we can take care of it. Amongst many other things out of her control, she is behind on her mortgage. The Outreach had determined Home and Heat are the two priorities providing $940.00 to her mortgage company to help pay toward a $2400.00 default.
Veteran two is a father with 2 young children who lost everything in an apartment fire which started in a neighbor’s apartment. Many Veteran organizations came in to help immediately to include Outreach by providing a $250.00 gift card from Walmart to help pay for needed items.
December 2022
NC CVMA® 15-1 Outreach will end our first year with helping many Veterans with awards and sweat equity. Totaling over Five thousand dollars from NC CVMA® 15-1 Outreach and combined with Habitat for Humanity over $35,000.

With a Special thanks to our Sponsors, Tom McGrath Motorcycle Law Group, Daughters of the American Revolution, Fayetteville Woodpeckers, Rebel Goat Farms, Bruprint Brewing, & Project Duffel Bag and our Partners Habitat for Humanity and Operation Decisive Victory. Thanks for your support and dedication to helping our local Veterans, this year was a great success!  As we move into 2023, we look forward to your continued Sponsorship and we welcome our New Sponsors, The Rock Guns and Fizzy Friendz Bath Bombs, LLC.  Let’s continue to improve the quality of life for many more Veterans and Families who gave in many ways to our freedom.

Wishing you a Very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
6 February 2023
NC CVMA® 15-1 Outreach, outside of the established program, works with many community partners to support Veterans. On 27 January 2023, the Outreach was contacted by one of those partners seeking assistance in supporting a local Veteran and his Family.

A 43-year-old Navy Veteran who resides with his wife and son, who is a senior in high school, were homeless after being evicted and were staying in a hotel provided by VoA until 2 February 2023. VoA found the Veteran and his family an apartment, and will be covering most of the rent each month and had paid the deposit on their utilities. Both the Veteran and his wife are working, albeit at minimum-wage positions. Their high-school senior is not working, instead focusing on schoolwork as he should be.

The problem was the bad debt the veteran owed to PWC (Power and Water in Fayetteville, NC), which he was unable to pay. The amount owed in total was $1424.92 stemming from previous electric and water debt. The veteran was unable to reinstate utilities until that debt was paid in full, and he was unable to move into his apartment until the utilities are connected. VoA would not cover the expenses of the hotel as well as the rent on the apartment.

The Outreach stepped in and started a GoFundMe that raised $1325.00; $1,283.55 after fees was desposited into the Veterans PWC account.

On 6 Februrary 2023, we received confirmation that the Veteran's debt had been covered (with our help and others) and he and his family are moved into their appartment with the utilities intact.
17 June 2023
CVMA® NC 15-1 Outreach provided one of its own members with a donation of $1500.00 in support of his son, Jimmy Henley Jr. (Jimmy "Trouble" Henley Sr) who earlier this year was diagnosed with brain cancer (glioblastoma).  On 17 June a fundraiser, the "Cancer has Jimmy Poker Run" was executed Fayetteville, NC and Springfield, NC in an effort to raise money as the cost of fighting cancer is high. CVMA® NC 15-1 members rode up in force to support this effort and present the check to the event organizers.
3rd QTR, 2023 (September 2023)
CVMA® NC 15-1 Outreach provided for a single mother, who is a 100% disabled Veteran and has been struggling with home repairs, food, and school supplies. We award her a $500.00 Walmart gift card immediately so she can get her two kids (7 and 9) school supplies and food. Her home AC unit needs repair and the family has been living in the heat with window AC’s only in the bedroom. Once again our partnership with Habitat for Humanity (HfH) benefited a Veteran in need as they replaced her AC unit. Both NC 15-1 and HfH will be doing additional in-home repairs within the next few months. NC 15-1 also provided a gift card for a big box store for other essentials she may need.

During Q3, Outreach also provided support for several other Veterans. A female Veteran reached out to us asking for help getting new shoes and some clothing. She had requested assistance from other organizations and had either been denied, or placed on waiting lists. Stacy Buckner, Off-Road Outreach, now provides her with fresh vegetables thru her assistance program, Veggies for Vets. NC 15-1 was able to help her out with some new shoes and clothes.

Outreach also assisted a Veteran in danger of losing all their belongings. The Veteran currently lives and works in the Philippines and has a storage unit that was significantly overdue payment because of credit card issues. Through a personal connection with the Veteran, Train a Dog, Save a Warrior (TADSAW) provided funding to not only bring the storage unit (located in Fayetteville, NC) current but extend that payment thru the end of the calendar year. This Veteran now has no cause for worry until after the new year thanks to the generosity of another Veteran Non-Profit. NC 15-1 was able to ensure funds were provided to the storage company before the unit went up for auction the next day.
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